Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I think that's Hungarian for 'rearing stallions'

It's not often the rural laptop gets out and remembers to blog about it afterwards (is that a sign of a good or a bad night out?!). But in London recently during the final - and expensive (£300 an hour for a colourist, ahem) - throes of our film Living with the Tudors I managed a couple of how shall we say, diverse, cultural experiences:

I liked the shortswearing Hungarian Agaskodo Teliverek so much at their Resonance FM fundraiser so much, I bought their CD. If "sounding something like a cross between Captain Beefheart, Public Enemy & Venetian Snares" sounds good you you can find the duo online here.

Asparagus, the opera, an art performance I went to with Jet, was altogether weirder. A packed venue of art vermin, men in bad costume, music (good) by (I think) Les georges leningrad - but I didn't get it. I met Jonathan Griffin afterwards, reviewing it for Frieze (poor guy) who confirmed my suspicions that it might be a reenactment of some kind but also seemed bemused. Looking for online links to offer you I fail to find anything, if it wasn't for this picture I took I'd begin to doubt my own sanity.


Dorian said...

You can relive the insanity if you want to, it's over at SHOWstudio...


Dorian said...

Oh, and you can also get a t-shirt for Agaskodo Teliverek at PostEverything here:


Proving that my other projects are all only one more degree seperated from where you are.

Spooky, huh?

vivgillard said...
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